CIA Shields Hunter’s Lawyer? Oversight Committee Rattles Sabers!

The drama surrounding Hunter Biden’s alleged tax crimes took another twist this week as a whistleblower accused the CIA of blocking federal investigators from interviewing Kevin Morris, a high-powered entertainment lawyer representing the president’s son. According to the New York Post, the unnamed whistleblower claimed that the CIA put the kibosh on the IRS and Justice Department’s plans to grill Morris about his connections to Hunter Biden.

In a scathing letter addressed to CIA Director William Burns, House Oversight and Judiciary Committee chairmen James Comer and Jim Jordan (R-KY) alleged that the intelligence agency engaged in unscrupulous behavior by preventing investigators from getting the goods on Hunter Biden’s lawyer. The letter further stated, in no uncertain terms, that the CIA’s intervention in this matter raised serious concerns about the preferential treatment being extended to Hunter Biden by the DOJ.

But don’t go reaching for your pitchforks just yet, folks! The CIA, naturally, denied these allegations, stating unequivocally that they “do not obstruct investigations” and that they “cooperate with law enforcement partners.” Of course, these are the same folks who said the dog ate their homework, so take that with a grain of salt.

The committee, not content to let sleeping dogs lie, has demanded that the CIA hand over any and all records related to the investigation of Hunter Biden and Kevin Morris. The plot thickens, my friends!

Written by Staff Reports

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