Teen Hero Defends Family, Upholds 2A in WV Showdown!

In a shocking turn of events in Rock Cave, West Virginia, a brave teenage boy took a stand against his violent father, Maxwell Laham, by using force to protect his mother from harm. It all went down on a typical evening, when Laham decided to unleash terror by firing a shotgun at his own wife inside their residence. The West Virginia State Police quickly intervened after receiving reports of this horrific domestic altercation, where they discovered the chilling reality of Laham’s vicious attack on his spouse.

As the chaos unfolded, the mother and a juvenile daughter managed to escape, leaving the 15-year-old son face to face with his raging father. In a courageous move, the boy armed himself with a 20-gauge shotgun as his father pursued him through the house. When Laham menacingly aimed his own 12-gauge shotgun at his son, the teenager fearlessly fought back, ultimately striking his father in the chest with fatal consequences.

The West Virginia State Police report confirmed the father’s tragic demise, and the investigation into this heart-wrenching incident is ongoing. Thankfully, no additional injuries have been reported. This gripping tale of self-defense shines a light on the inherent right of individuals to protect themselves and their loved ones in the face of imminent danger. It serves as a stark reminder of the importance of upholding the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms, as demonstrated by this young hero’s unwavering courage against a relentless threat.

Written by Staff Reports

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