CNN Poll: 76% of Americans Believe Trump’s Indictment is Politically Motivated – Here’s Why.

CNN recently revealed their latest poll results, which indicate that a staggering 76% of Americans believe there was political bias behind Donald Trump’s indictment, which is a positive reflection of the citizens’ knowledge about the biased and partisan Democrat-led witch hunt against the former president. The poll results reveal that around 60% of Americans support Trump’s indictment, which is an indicator of the fact that some people still blindly follow Democrat propaganda without engaging in a rigorous analysis of the situation.

Moreover, independently-minded Americans can see right through the biased indictment as it is certainly a politically motivated stunt aimed at discrediting and punishing Trump for his conservative values, accomplishments, and America First agenda. Shockingly, the poll makes it apparent that Democrat voters support the indictment blindly, making it clear that they are merely following their party without any independent thought or ethical considerations.

Predictably, the partisan Democrats have turned this into a polarized matter, with 94% of Democrats expressing approval of the indictment, while 79% of Republicans express disapproval. While political affiliations tend to play a role in shaping one’s views, it is alarming that 52% of the independent respondents also believe politics played a major role in Trump’s alleged indictment.

The indictment reportedly relates to a business fraud case involving Trump, with more than 30 counts pending against him. It is no secret that this indictment centered on the alleged hush money payment of $130,000 made to Stormy Daniels before the 2016 elections. Consequently, the CNN poll found that 52% of the disapproving respondents believe Trump did something wrong by making the payment, as partisan propaganda and “cancel culture” have left a mark on their reasoning.

The poll was conducted on March 31 and April 1 among a random sample of 1,048 adults analyzed using probability-based methods. This poll margin of error is 4% and shows that the majority of Americans can differentiate between what is right and wrong, irrespective of their political bias. Trump will be arraigned on Tuesday, with his camp responding that it is political persecution and election interference to put him on trial.

Written by Staff Reports

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