CNN’s Father’s Day Fiasco: Distorting Reality of Absent Black Fathers

CNN has come under fire for its recent Father’s Day-themed report that claims black fathers are not absent or distant, when in fact evidence shows that 64% of black or African American children live in single-parent households. The Annie E. Casey Foundation, a family strengthening organization, analyzed data from various US Census Bureau surveys to draw this conclusion. This data is backed by former President Barack Obama’s 2008 speech, where he declared that too many fathers are missing from too many homes, abandoning their responsibilities and acting like boys instead of men. The New York Times noted that the speech was “striking for its setting” and how the then-senator directly addressed one of the most sensitive topics in the African American community.

CNN’s biased portrayal of Black fathers is just another example of how mainstream media often chooses to ignore the facts and push a narrative that doesn’t align with reality. It’s time for news outlets to do better and report the truth, even if it’s uncomfortable.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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