Comey Attacks Trump Again, Ignores Own Corruption Exposed by Durham Report

Former FBI Director James Comey, known for his corrupt actions during the Trump-Russia probe, has once again spewed his biased opinions, claiming that President Trump poses a “near-existential threat” to the country. Despite the Durham report confirming that Comey was aware the intelligence investigation against then-candidate and president-elect Trump was based on a lie, Comey denies the FBI had any political motive in its Trump investigations. In fact, he claims there is “nothing new” in the Durham report and defends the agency’s competence, honesty, and independence.

Comey’s real motive in bashing Trump is to justify the FBI’s unethical and illegal behavior during the Trump-Russia probe. He accused Trump of creating chaos with his Mar-a-Lago search, even though Trump has consistently advocated for law and order. Comey claimed that Trump plans to dismantle institutions and people who occupy them. This is nothing but a baseless accusation and scare tactic to mislead the public.

Trump fired Comey in 2017 for his corrupt actions during the Trump-Russia probe. However, Comey’s replacement was equally incompetent and biased. Recently, a new report concluded that the Trump-Russia probe should never have been opened, and Trump rightfully blasted Comey for his treasonous actions. He called out the Democrats for starting this long-running charade and demanded that those responsible pay the price for putting the country through such a scam.

It is high time that the truth comes out, and Comey is held accountable for his corrupt and biased actions. The mainstream media should stop giving a platform to people like Comey, who have a clear political agenda and are willing to corrupt the justice system to achieve their goals. The American people deserve transparency and accountability from their government officials, especially those who hold such crucial positions. Comey’s attempt to smear Trump and legitimize his corrupt actions is not only shameful but also a threat to the rule of law in America.

Source: Daily Fetched

Written by Staff Reports

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