CONTENT WARNING: Proof Hollywood Is SCARED Of Ron DeSantis

This movie is not suitable for family viewing. It features crude humor and is not exactly wholesome. The target is Ron DeSantis, and the filmmakers are showing their perverted side.

In one of the episodes of Paramount Plus' "The Good Fight," which I have never heard of, a fictional DeSantis employee claims that he was sexually assaulted by his old boss. The scene is set in a variety of places, including the CPAC. It's a setting for the sordid encounter depicted in the show's writers' twisted minds.

This section is intended to provide an overview of the show's most disturbing scene, and viewers should know that before watching it.

It's very disturbing that a sick mind would create such a scene, especially since it's not suitable for family viewing. In today's Hollywood, deviancy is the norm, and viewers are left with only a few options when it comes to family-friendly films.

If the show needs something to spice things up, then politics is full of sordid details. There are plenty of stories about sexual encounters in the White House, child sniffers, and even the sons of prominent figures engaging in sordid activities.

Hollywood has to target Ron DeSantis, a God-fearing family man who is known for his victories and for being an anti-establishment candidate. He is a proven winner who is also known for being an activist against the radical trans agenda and protecting children from their teachers.

The conservative movement and Ron DeSantis are very dangerous to Hollywood. Due to his success, the producers of the show have targeted him in a way that is clearly payback for his past victories. The scene above is very clearly designed to make people fear him. Americans love a winner, and Ron DeSantis is no different.

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