Trump Shifts Target Sights On Glenn Youngkin In Recent Post

I’m not sure what Donald Trump’s approach has been over the past week if there is one. That is something I sincerely mean. I don’t see why he’s attacking Gov. Glenn Youngkin now, or why he was attacking Gov. Ron DeSantis in the first place.

That opening line is noteworthy. “Young Kin” is not Youngkin’s name, and even if it were, that would sound more Korean than Chinese. What does that even have to do with anything, anyway? I am aware that Trump enjoys taking potshots, but this one is puzzling. In the past, I frequently defended Trump against the accusation that it was racially motivated, but I am unable to do so in this instance.

Here’s what I have. The former president is renowned for his counterpunching and frequently waits to be struck before attempting to defeat his adversary. Not at all like counterpunching. Nothing negative has been stated about him by DeSantis. Nobody has criticized Youngkin for him. So, what is driving this? To simply turn everyone against one another before the 2024 election?

If Trump is the nominee, he will need to win Florida in 2024. By disparaging the most well-liked Republican in the nation who also happens to be the state’s governor, how does he do that? Again, I’m not clear what the plan is in this case.

This seems unsustainable. Democrats adore DeSantis. Many of them support Youngkin, especially because he won a blue state and severely damaged the state Democratic Party’s power base. Furthermore, 2024 is simply too soon for all of this, even if one wants Trump to be the nominee. He is attempting to create a field that does not yet exist.

An internal conflict that the GOP has started is the last thing it needs right now. Hopefully someone will reach Trump and advise him to take a moment to calm down.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Red State.

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