Do Trump and DeSantis Really Dislike Each Other or is it Just “Fake News”?

After Tuesday's election, many are wondering what the future holds for former President Donald Trump. The Republican Party had widely expected a red wave, but it didn't materialize.

Despite Trump's insistence that he voted for Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor-elect, the rift between the two continues to grow.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Trump is threatening to release damaging materials about DeSantis that could damage his electibility in a presidential election.

When asked about DeSantis, Trump referred to him as a "fine guy." However, if he decides to run for president, the former president said that he would release damaging materials about him. He claims that he has more knowledge about the governor-elect than anyone else except his wife.

Trump claimed that if DeSantis runs for president in 2024, he would be making a mistake. He also stated that the base would not like it if he decides to run.

If both DeSantis and Trump decide to run, the governor would have to go through the president's spotlight, which is not a problem given how much media attention he receives.

Since becoming a popular figure, DeSantis has received praise from most Republicans, although liberals continue to sling mud his way every chance they get.

The relationship between Trump and DeSantis is reportedly strained, but some question whether or not that is reality or just "fake news" to cause a rift in the party.

Despite the reports about their strained relationship, both Trump and DeSantis maintained that they have no problem with each other. With that said, Trump held several rallies in Florida, but he didn't include DeSantis in the program.

Trump previously said that he would consider having DeSantis serve as his running mate in 2024. He called him a great guy and said that he would be an effective vice president.

But with DeSantis being a shining star on an otherwise disappointing midterm election, some conservative advocates don't want to see him step aside for Trump.

Written by Staff Reports

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