Cruz Exposes Biden’s Iran Man: Spies in the White House!

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) bravely stepped up to the plate this weekend, appearing on Fox News to shed light on the Biden Administration’s shocking involvement with Iranian spies infiltrating our own government. Yes, you read that right – Iranian spies, right here in the United States!

Cruz wasted no time bringing the truth to the American people. He exposed one of the alleged “Iranian sympathizers,” a chief of staff in the Department of Defense, who had unrestricted access to classified materials. Can you believe it? Someone with such questionable loyalties getting their hands on our nation’s secrets? It’s truly alarming!

But who is this mysterious individual? None other than Rob Malley, Joe Biden’s chief negotiator for Iran. It’s no surprise that Malley is a fervent supporter of the disastrous Obama-Iran nuclear deal. Cruz made it crystal clear that Malley’s conduct has been so egregious that even the FBI is investigating him. And don’t forget, his security clearance was suspended earlier this year, a glaring indication of just how bad things have gotten under this radical White House.

Malley’s involvement in the Biden Administration’s Iran policy has raised eyebrows among GOP lawmakers, particularly in light of recent events in Israel. Some members of Congress have even had the good sense to refuse to attend classified briefings led by Malley, given his shady reputation. It’s clear that he cannot be trusted with our national security.

But wait, it gets worse. Cruz dropped a bombshell by revealing that three of Malley’s top advisers were Iranian operatives recruited and directed by the Iranian government. Yes, you heard that correctly. The very people advising Malley were answering to the Iranian foreign minister! Can we really trust someone who surrounds themselves with such dubious characters?

The seriousness of this situation prompted House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) and Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-WI) to request documents and communications related to Malley from the State Department, while also demanding a staff-level briefing. They understand the urgency of addressing this threat to our national security and are taking action to hold the Biden Administration accountable.

It’s evident that there is an alarming lack of judgment and discernment within the White House when it comes to choosing individuals like Rob Malley to represent our nation’s interests. We cannot afford to have someone with questionable loyalties and connections to Iranian spies shaping our foreign policy. The American people deserve better.

It’s time for conservatives to stand tall against this administration’s dangerous flirtation with Iran. We must remain vigilant in exposing and opposing any efforts that compromise our national security. Ted Cruz is leading the charge, exposing the truth and demanding accountability. Let’s support him in this important fight for a safer and stronger America.

Written by Staff Reports

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