Devon Archer’s Curious Timing with John Kerry Raises Eyebrows!

Shokin claims that he was dismissed from his position due to his investigation on the Biden family and the corruption involving the Burisma company. Hunter Biden reportedly made a monthly payment of $50,000 to his associate Devon Archer, who also had positions on the company's board. These payments have led to speculations of influence-peddling and corruption. It is believed that the executives of the company paid these individuals for access to high-ranking US officials.

In a statement, Joe Biden claimed that he had gotten Shokin fired and that he would withhold aid from Ukraine if the prosecutor wasn't removed. The allegations of corruption against the Bidens have been supported by the report of the FBI, which states that, according to a confidential informant, Hunter and Joe Biden received $10 million from the officials of Burisma in exchange for their protection. This arrangement allowed the former vice president to enrich himself while maintaining his legal protection.

The latest development in the scandal surrounding the firing of Shokin is that Devon Archer, who was on the board of Burisma at the time, met with John Kerry a few weeks before the former minister was let go. An email from the US State Department confirms that the two men met. It is not clear what was discussed, though both Archer, as well as Hunter Biden, had been prominent members of the organization's board for a couple of years. Joe Biden reportedly threatened to withhold aid if Shokin wasn't removed.

The meeting between Kerry and Archer, which was confirmed by the State Department, has raised more questions regarding the Bidens' involvement with Burisma. In response to this matter, Sens. Johnson and Grassley asked for records related to the meeting.

In a private interview, Archer revealed that the executives of Burisma asked Hunter Biden for help in getting Shokin fired due to the pressure from his office and other investigations. He also claimed that the company and Hunter had approached the Obama administration to get Shokin removed.

The revelations have raised more questions regarding the actions of the Bidens and their possible abuse of power. The appointment David Weiss as the new US attorney for the Hunter Biden investigation has raised concerns. Weiss had tried to charge Hunter before he was blocked as a special counsel.

The investigation is focused on only one aspect of the Bidens' involvement with Hunter's alleged corruption, and it does not include Joe Biden's reported connections to these deals. This issue, as well as the possible political motive behind it, can be resolved through impeachment, though the growing evidence implicates the First Family.

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