DOJ Could ARREST Trump Before Election According to Former Police Commissioner

Bernie Kerik, a former New York police commissioner, said on Newsmax that he wouldn't be surprised if Donald Trump was arrested before the November election.

He said on "The Count" that he initially didn't believe that Trump would be arrested before the election. However, he said he was surprised when he heard that the FBI raided the former president's home.

He also referred to the FBI as a "politically corrupt organization." He said it would not surprise him if Trump was arrested before the election on November 8.

He also stated that there are various factors that are going on that no one on either the Republican or Democratic sides of the aisle has ever seen before.

The Department of Justice is opposed to the use of a special master process to look into the documents that were taken from Trump's home. According to him, he wants to know what documents the government is looking for.

He also stated that the Department of Justice should be transparent. If they were, they would not be opposing the use of a special master process. He claims that the department is still throwing a "monkey wrench" in the process of reviewing the documents.

In response to the increasing number of violent crimes in the city, he discussed the stabbing death of a first-responder who was on the scene of the 9/11 attacks in Queens.

He also criticized the mayor of New York, who is a former police officer. He said that the mayor is intentionally allowing the city to experience a violent crime rate.

During his time as a police officer, he was able to reduce the violent crime rate in New York City. He claims that the mayor has done nothing to improve the situation.

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