DOJ’s Desperate Attack: Trump Targeted in Laughable New Probe

Former President Donald Trump received a letter from the Department of Justice, which is undoubtedly filled with anti-Trump legal forces, indicating that he is the target of yet another investigation. It seems like these people just can’t get enough of trying to throw Trump behind bars. But here’s the thing, folks – the charges they’re coming up with are laughable at best.

So, what’s this investigation all about? Well, it’s supposedly related to the Capitol riot on January 6. But seriously, what exactly did Trump do? Did he tamper with anything or conspire with anyone? It seems like the Left is desperately grasping at straws here. Even law professor Jonathan Turley agrees that there’s no crime in receiving bad legal advice about electors. And let’s not forget about the First Amendment, which apparently protects whatever crazy ideas the Left has about January 6 being a criminal offense.

But here’s the kicker – the FBI’s own report from August 2021 cleared Trump of being the ringleader of the riot. So, what possible grounds does Special Counsel Jack Smith have to go after the former president? It’s like they’re just making things up as they go along. But hey, when have overzealous lawyers at the Justice Department ever let facts get in the way of their political agenda?

Now, they’re saying an indictment over January 6 could come as soon as tomorrow. Big surprise there, right? But let me tell you something, folks. No matter how many times they try to go after Trump, it’s not going to damage his standing in the GOP polls for the 2024 nomination. If anything, it only strengthens his support among conservatives who see through this political witch hunt.

So, let them bring on their baseless indictments and their desperate attempts to tarnish Trump’s legacy. He’s a fighter, and he’s not going anywhere. The American people are smarter than the mainstream media and the swamp-dwelling bureaucrats who can’t seem to let go of their Trump Derangement Syndrome. Stay strong, Mr. President, the silent majority has your back.

Written by Staff Reports

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