Explosive Trump-Carlson Interview Bags Record-Breaking Views!

Former President Trump has once again stolen the spotlight, this time by skipping out on the Republican primary debates and opting for a pre-recorded interview with Tucker Carlson instead. Trump, who is currently leading the polls by double digits, saw this as an opportunity to not only avoid being harassed by his lesser opponents but also to show up Fox News, who he feels has not been particularly friendly to him. In a 46-minute conversation that quickly garnered over 154 million views, Trump explained his decision to skip the debates, highlighting his commanding lead in the polls and questioning whether it would be worth his time to share a stage with candidates who shouldn’t even be running.

Trump’s campaign wasted no time in declaring their candidate the winner of the debate, stating that more people watched Trump’s interview with Carlson than the rest of the candidates combined. They also claimed that Trump’s thoughtful policy discussion in the interview set him apart from the canned sound bites and platitudes offered by his opponents on the debate stage.

Ultimately, the campaign expressed confidence that Trump is the only leader who can truly make America great again.

Written by Staff Reports

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