FBI Agent Claims Retaliation for Supporting Whistleblower Colleague

An FBI special agent told Congress that he was taken off of his job by top leaders at the bureau as punishment for supporting a fellow whistleblower. The agent, who is also a lawyer, worked to investigate wrongdoing within the FBI. He said his bosses turned against him when he suggested ending the suspension of FBI agent Garrett O’Boyle.

O’Boyle’s security clearance was suspended in September 2022 because he was accused of leaking information about a criminal investigation into Project Veritas. This suspension, along with being suspended without pay, left O’Boyle and his family without a home and struggling financially.

The FBI agent, who worked in the bureau’s Security Division, reviewed O’Boyle’s case and recommended lifting the suspension and allowing O’Boyle to return as an agent. The agent said the FBI didn’t have enough specific information to support the suspension of O’Boyle.

In a new whistleblower disclosure to Congress, it was claimed that FBI Acting Section Chief Dena Perkins quickly overturned the agent’s decision and moved him to a different job. The disclosure also said that Perkins has moved several other employees who go against her interests and makes decisions based on favoritism.

The FBI did not comment on this story. However, the bureau has previously denied retaliating against employees for their political views or exercising their First Amendment rights.

Another FBI whistleblower disclosure sent to Congress said that FBI supervisor Sean Clark and Ms. Perkins were responsible for the punishment of Mr. O’Boyle. They allegedly transferred him across the country with the intent to suspend and financially devastate him.

It was also stated in the disclosure that Mr. Clark and Ms. Perkins allowed O’Boyle to sell his home and move to the other office without him knowing he was under investigation. Once he arrived at the new office, he was suspended immediately. The disclosure said that O’Boyle and his family were left without a home and in a desperate situation.


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