Trump Slams Biden for Risking Israel Aid Cut, Backing Pro-Hamas Campus Protests

President Joe Biden recently stated in an interview with CNN that the United States would stop providing aid to Israel if they continued their operation in Rafah. Former President Donald Trump criticized Biden’s comments, suggesting that Biden may not fully understand the consequences of withholding weapons from Israel as they combat Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

Trump’s comments on his social media platform, TruthSocial, also highlighted the funding of pro-Hamas protests at college campuses by Biden’s donors, pointing out that Biden seems to be supporting these movements. In addition, Trump accused Biden of being weak and corrupt and expressed concern that under Biden’s leadership, the world is headed towards World War III.

Trump further criticized Biden’s response to the pro-Hamas protests on college campuses and accused him of being responsible for colleges like Columbia University canceling graduations due to the influence of terrorist sympathizers. Trump emphasized the impact on students and their families and labeled the situation as “totally avoidable.”

Furthermore, Trump mentioned the delayed response from Biden’s administration in addressing the campus protests and criticized Biden for trying to make it a “both sides” issue. He also highlighted the lack of adequate response from the Biden White House overall.

The perspective conveyed through Trump’s comments emphasizes concerns about Biden’s foreign policy decisions and his handling of domestic protests, particularly those linked to Hamas. Trump’s criticisms suggest that he views Biden’s actions as detrimental to both national and international security.

Written by Staff Reports

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