Florida Dems Rig Primary for Biden, Silence Voters!

Florida Democrats have once again shown their true colors, proving that they have no regard for democracy or the voices of their own party members. In a shocking move, they have decided to cancel the presidential primary and hand all 250 delegates over to President Joe Biden. Apparently, they believe that they can just skip the whole democratic process and handpick their nominee.

This blatant act of corruption has not gone unnoticed by some Democrats themselves. Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota took to social media to express his outrage at his own party’s decision. And he’s right to be furious! How can the Florida Democratic Party simply disregard the millions of Democratic voters in the state? It’s absurd and undemocratic.

But it seems like the left is determined to silence any dissent within their own ranks. Despite other candidates, like Phillips and Marianne Williamson, running against Biden, the party is determined to maintain the illusion that there is no challenge to his nomination. They are refusing to let the people of Florida have a say in who represents them in the 2024 election.

It’s not just Phillips and Williamson who are calling out this authoritarian behavior. Many Americans, regardless of party affiliation, recognize that this is a dangerous precedent to set. The idea that a political party can simply decide who will be on the ballot, without any input from the voters, is a direct attack on our democratic process.

It’s time for President Biden to step up and condemn this outrageous decision by his own party. As the leader of the Democratic Party, he should be fighting for the rights of all party members, not allowing them to be silenced and overlooked. But I won’t hold my breath. Biden has shown time and time again that he is more interested in appeasing the radical left than upholding the principles of democracy.

In the end, the Florida Democratic Party has made it clear that they believe they know what’s best for their voters, regardless of what the voters themselves might want. It’s a sad day for democracy when a political party can so blatantly disregard the will of the people. Let’s hope that other Democrats in the state and across the country have the courage to stand up against this affront to democracy and demand a fair and open primary process.

Written by Staff Reports

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