Fox News Panel BLASTS Biden as an Enemy of the State!

President Joe Biden was BLASTED by a panel on Fox News.

The panelists contended that recent attacks made by the President during his campaign only serve to demonstrate that he is actively working to run against America.

On Wednesday, Kayleigh McEnany, who once served as the press secretary for the White House, appeared on the Fox News lunchtime panel show known as “Outnumbered” alongside other hosts.

She said that the President and the campaign team for the President’s campaign were clueless on how to proceed with the campaign.

She recalled various comments that were made by Biden and stated that such comments were not directed at a particular opponent such as Trump or DeSantis.

Instead, it went after a number of people in the United States.
After alienating almost fifty percent of the population early on in his campaign, she was mystified as to how Joe Biden could possibly hope to win the election with their support.

Written by Staff Reports

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