Ga. Mother Charged With Toddler’s Death After He Went Missing

The mother of a missing youngster has been detained by authorities in Savannah, Georgia in relation to his passing.

Leilani Simon, 22, was detained by Chatham County Police on Monday for the murder of her 20-month-old son Quinton, whose bones were discovered in a landfill last month.

“We are deeply saddened by this case, but we are thankful that we are one step closer to justice for little Quinton.” the agency said in a tweet.

Authorities said that the toddler's remains were mistakenly dumped into a landfill after being placed into a trash. Simon didn't report the little child missing on October 5 until after that.

According to a news report dated October 12th, investigators believed Quinton to be dead. The main suspect in the crime was later identified as being his mother.

Simon's neighbors, including Gerri McCusker, have expressed their relief and happiness that the 22-year-old has finally been taken into custody.

It didn't seem right, McCusker recalled, “From the first day it didn’t feel right,” “I was happy they arrested her. It’s just been heartbreaking, and this is the best news to get out of the situation.”

Simon is now accused of covering up a death, making fraudulent claims, and fabricating a crime and murder. She is detained at the Chatham County jail until a bail hearing is scheduled.

Authorities say that there is no reason to believe that they should anticipate making any other arrests in this case.

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