Biden Gives Turkeys A Free Pass Before Thanksgiving 

President Joe Biden pardoned two turkeys in preparation for Thanksgiving. Biden pardoned Chocolate and Chip on Monday.

The two turkeys utilised in the most recent iteration of the traditional White House function were donated by the National Turkey Federation. North Carolina is a possible origin for the names Chocolate and Chip.

“We have more chickens than anybody in the nation in Delaware, but we don’t have turkeys,”. as stated by President Joe Biden. "Look at this. God love you. Now. This is chocolate, right? Chocolate. You are pardoned and you are a pardoned.”

Eventually, both Chocolate and Chip will enroll in North Carolina State University. Biden claims that the university's poultry science program is among the best in the United States.

During his speech, the Democrat referred to a "red wave," which seemed like a jab at the Republican Party.

In the words of President Joe Biden “The only ‘red wave’ this season is going to be a German Shepherd, Commander, knocks over the cranberry sauce on our table.”

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Oann.

Written by Staff Reports

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