Gen. Kellog BLASTS Biden’s Botched Foreign Policy

There’s no sugarcoating it: the Afghanistan withdrawal was a disaster of epic proportions, and the Biden administration is shamelessly trying to gaslight the American people into thinking otherwise. From the appalling optics at Kabul’s airport to the terrorist bombing that killed 13 US service members, this catastrophic failure was historically awful, humiliating and infuriating. It’s no wonder that President Biden’s job approval rating has never recovered since this debacle, with polls consistently showing him in the mid-40’s to high-30’s.

But instead of owning up to their colossal mistakes, the administration has resorted to outright lies and shameless spin. Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg (retired), one of the top national security officials in the Trump administration, recently blasted the White House’s whitewash of events as “disgraceful.” He went on to refute their self-serving version of events point by point, calling Kirby’s comments “garbage” and “untrue.”

It’s not just that the withdrawal was a tactical blunder and a strategic failure for the history books; it was a stain on our nation’s conscience and reputation. It left thousands of Americans and tens of thousands of Afghan allies stranded in a Taliban-controlled hell, after the president had promised to get everyone out. It shocked and betrayed our closest allies, who had to scramble to evacuate their own people from the collapsing security situation on the ground. And it abdicated our moral responsibility to the people of Afghanistan, leaving them at the mercy of a ruthless terrorist organization.

Of course, the administration has tried to shift the blame to the previous administration, claiming that their hands were tied by Trump’s policies. But this is a laughable excuse, considering how eagerly they dismantled other successful policies. And let’s not forget that Joe Biden himself claimed that the withdrawal was an “extraordinary success,” even as chaos and death were unfolding in real time.

In short, the Afghanistan withdrawal was a catastrophic failure of leadership, judgment, and morality. It was a signpost of American decline, and it deserves to be remembered as such.

Written by Staff Reports

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