GOP Crusader Sues DOJ: Exposing Anti-Trump Scheme? Ramaswamy Fights Back!

Vivek Ramaswamy is an entrepreneur who is running for president as a Republican. He is not afraid of a fight. On Tuesday, he said that he is suing the Department of Justice (DOJ) for not responding to a previous Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request about the secret document case against former President Trump. Ramaswamy wants the agency to be more open and answer for its actions.

But there's more. Ramaswamy is also making a second FOIA request to find out about any similar communications about the 45th president's latest indictment. He thinks that if Trump is going to be charged with a crime and called a criminal, it shouldn't be based on legal ideas that have never been used before. He also questions the idea that someone who goes to their own lawyers for legal advice is doing something wrong.

Ramaswamy doesn't hold back when he talks about how things stand. He says that special counsel Jack Smith was wrong to call Trump's lawyers "co-conspirators" and set a bad example. He thinks that this is bad for the future of our court system and also makes it illegal for lawyers to do their jobs. Ramaswamy says that if we don't face the truth, January 6th will just be a taste of things to come that will be even worse.

Trump's arrest didn't come as a surprise, since the government had been after the former president for a long time. Ramaswamy calls the Department of Justice (DOJ) the "corrupt federal police" who are out to kill Trump. He strongly disagrees with the accusations and says that Trump's claimed actions on January 6 were not the cause of what happened, but rather the result of systematic censorship of American citizens in the year leading up to that day.

Ramaswamy thinks that when people are silent and can't say what they want, they will do dangerous things to be heard. He worries that if we don't pay attention to this fact, January 6th will just be a taste of the chaos to come. Ramaswamy says that if Trump is chosen president, he will pardon him and protect him from what he thinks is an unfair charge.

It's clear that Ramaswamy is ready to fight for what he believes in and take on the system. He is dedicated to protecting the First Amendment rights of political candidates and wants the DOJ to be open and honest. He thinks that the future of our court system and the unity of our country are at stake, and he won't stop until justice is done.

Written by Staff Reports

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