Greene Slams Christie’s ‘Racist’ Comparison of Ramaswamy to Obama!

When Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said that former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was racist, she didn't hold back. Why? Well, it all seems to have started with something Christie said about another presidential candidate, Vivek Ramaswamy. During the 2024 Republican National Committee debate, Christie compared Ramaswamy to former President Barack Obama. This didn't sit well with Greene.

In answer, Greene went after Christie by saying that his comment was racist. She disagreed with Christie when he said that Ramaswamy was the only "skinny guy" on stage and compared him to Obama. Greene didn't hold back when she said that the comment was "pretty racist."

Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida also got involved, saying that Ramaswamy should have fought back by talking about Christie's size. Gaetz thought it would have been appropriate to make fun of Christie's weight as a reaction.

The whole thing started when Ramaswamy used a line from Obama's 2004 speech at the Democratic National Convention to announce himself at the debate. He asked, "Who is this skinny guy with a funny last name, and what is he doing in the middle of this debate stage?" It seems that Christie noticed the similarity and called out Ramaswamy when the businessman rejected that climate change was happening.

During this debate, it was clear that feelings were running high, and those feelings carried over into the news after the debate. But what does this mean for the Republican party in 2024? It's hard to say, but one thing is for sure: Republicans never lack excitement. The liberal media might say it's all a waste of time, but as conservatives, we know it's important to hold our own responsible, even if it gets messy. Time will tell how this all turns out, but let's hope it doesn't take our attention away from the real problems.

Written by Staff Reports

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