Higgins Slams Smith’s Crusade Against Trump, Vows Patriot Backlash!

Representative Clay Higgins (R-LA) attacked special counsel Jack Smith without reluctance, reprimanding him after he indicted former President Donald Trump on two counts. Higgins, an ardent supporter of Trump, unequivocally declared his intention to not tolerate Smith's behavior.

Smith's request for information from Twitter (presently referred to as X) was denounced by Higgins as an assault on American citizens. During an appearance on The Chris Salcedo Show on Newsmax, Higgins boldly stated, "I regard my inclusion on another of Jack Smith's lists as a badge of honor." He continued by stating, "Therefore, I will simply say that his time is coming to an end, and American patriots will not tolerate the dissolution of our republic, good sir."

The irate congressman declared that he and other patriots were preparing for a constitutionally protected, peaceful, and lawful conflict. Without any room for ambiguity, he vowed to defend their cause with all of his strength and concentration.

Smith is utilizing his authority to spearhead the prosecution of two out of four criminal indictments directed at Trump, alleging that he attempted to annul the 2020 election in Washington and mishandled classified documents in Florida. Smith's actions are regarded by D.C. Higgins and other devoted Trump supporters as a challenge to the former president's authority and a violation of their convictions.

The resurgence of Smith's August-filed search warrant has generated apprehension due to the vast quantity of data he is attempting to extract from Twitter (X). Smith has been severely criticized by Trump, who has vehemently denied all allegations. Trump has hurled the term "deranged" at Smith and launched additional criticisms of the special counsel's investigations.

Written by Staff Reports

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