Hochul Mocks Bronx Kids, Bronx Pols Fire Back!

In a shocking display of elitist condescension, Governor Kathy Hochul took a swipe at the intelligence of black children in the Bronx. The governor’s egregious remarks came as she haughtily claimed that some black children in the borough don’t even know what a “computer” is! The nerve of this out-of-touch politician to insult the very constituents she’s supposed to represent is simply mind-boggling.

It is clear that Gov. Hochul’s comments are not just tone-deaf, but also reek of the typical liberal arrogance that assumes minority communities are ignorant and in need of saving by those in power. How dare she belittle the intelligence and knowledge of these children? Instead of offering meaningful solutions to bridge the digital divide, she opts to disparage their intellect with unfounded and offensive claims.

Bronx politicians wasted no time in rightfully denouncing Hochul’s insulting and disgraceful comments. They rightfully pointed out that her words are not only hurtful but also highlight a fundamental lack of understanding of the struggles and potential of the children in the Bronx. From the classrooms to the community centers, these children are resilient, bright, and full of potential. It’s a shame that the governor can’t see past her own prejudices to recognize that.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the dismissive and patronizing attitude that many in the political elite have towards minority communities. Instead of uplifting and empowering them, they choose to demean and diminish their abilities. It’s time for Gov. Hochul to apologize for her insulting remarks and make a genuine effort to understand and support the Bronx community, rather than further marginalizing them with her offensive rhetoric.

Written by Staff Reports

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