House Oversight Exposes Biden Family’s Dirty Cash Flow!

The House Oversight Committee has done it again! They’ve released a timeline that lays bare the dirty dealings of the Biden family. We all know President Biden has been denying any knowledge of his family’s business ventures, but this timeline proves otherwise. It’s like they say, the truth always comes out, especially on social media.

The timeline doesn’t hold back when it comes to exposing the flow of foreign cash into the Biden family’s pockets. It’s no secret that Hunter Biden was the main recipient of these funds, all while his father was serving as Vice President. But Joe Biden has the audacity to claim he had no idea what was going on. Give us a break!

Chairman James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky, didn’t hold back either. He took to Twitter to emphasize the importance of the timeline, calling out Biden’s lies to the American people. It’s about time someone had the guts to call out these corrupt politicians.

The timeline focuses on the shady dealings in countries like China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Romania. It all started with Hunter Biden and his Chinese investors creating an investment fund controlled by the Bank of China. And guess who was right there with him? Vice President Joe Biden himself, on an official government aircraft. Talk about cozying up to the Chinese!

But that’s not all. The timeline also highlights Hunter Biden’s involvement with a Ukrainian energy company called Burisma. Just a coincidence that shortly after becoming a board member, Joe Biden meets with a high-level Burisma official during a dinner organized by Hunter? We think not!

The timeline doesn’t stop there. It shows a series of suspicious meetings and phone calls between high-level US officials, Hunter Biden, and eventually Vice President Biden himself. And what do you know, just days after Biden demands the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma, the firing happens. And why? Because Biden was holding $1 billion in IMF loans over their heads. Talk about a quid pro quo!

These documented instances of suspected corruption are just the tip of the iceberg. The timeline reveals even more questionable actions by the Biden family. It’s clear that they were using Biden’s political power to line their own pockets. And yet, the mainstream media remains silent. It’s no wonder why trust in the media is at an all-time low.

It’s time for the American people to wake up and see through the lies. We need leaders who actually care about the country, not just their own bank accounts. The Biden family’s influence peddling schemes should not be ignored. It’s time for accountability and justice.

Written by Staff Reports

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