How Will a House Impeachment Inquiry Impact Hunter Biden?

The choice by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to allow an impeachment investigation into President Joe Biden is a bold move by GOP lawmakers. McCarthy thinks that there is enough proof linking Biden to his son's business dealings in other countries for impeachment to be a possibility. Before an election, this choice could be seen as a risky move.

By starting an investigation into impeachment, lawmakers would have more ways to get answers from the Biden government. It could give Congress more power to issue subpoenas and remove barriers to oversight. The ruling could also make it possible to get more money to hire more people to help process the evidence. So far, the Justice Department has blocked a lot of the GOP's investigation, but it would be harder for it to do so during an impeachment probe.

If there was an investigation into impeachment, Democratic lawmakers would have to deal with the accusations against the Biden family. Hearings and notes would explain in detail how the Biden family used a web of shell companies, how Hunter Biden worked as a lobbyist without being registered, and how the Justice Department handled the investigation. It would also mean that the White House would have to come up with a factual case for Joe Biden, which could force his staff to admit that he has worked with Hunter Biden's business partners in the past.

Most of the time, an investigation into impeachment moves quickly and ignores problems that government officials have brought up. It could finally set a date for finding out if Hunter Biden did any of the crimes his father was accused of. But a tough investigation into the Biden family could fail by giving voters and Democrats in office a reason to support the president. It could also take attention away from the Republican Party's 2024 campaign theme and be drowned out by legal dramas involving former President Trump. Also, an impeachment investigation would take up a lot of floor time and committee resources, which could stop Congress from doing its work and give Democrats a chance to say that Republicans don't care about the problems that voters care about.

In conclusion, starting an impeachment investigation could give Republicans more ways to look into the Biden administration, but it could also be dangerous. McCarthy's choice is a risky one, and whether or not it works will depend on how it goes over the next few months.

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