Hunter Escapes Jail Time: GOP Fury Over Biden’s Two-Tier Justice

In what seems to be yet another example of a two-tier justice system at work, President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, has managed to escape serious punishment for his crimes. Hunter Biden has pleaded guilty to tax violations and a drug-related felony gun possession charge. Several Republicans have been up in arms over this situation which they say is a perfect example of a sweetheart deal. According to sources, Hunter would escape jail time for the gun charge if he observed the conditions set out in the agreement, and he is also likely to receive only probation for the tax violations.

In contrast to the leniency Hunter Biden received, the Biden Justice Department is vigorously pursuing charges against former President Donald Trump in the documents case. As expected, the Republicans are questioning the dual approach which they say is discriminatory and unconscionable. Some staunch Republicans, like House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, are pointing out that this provokes further investigation, not just into Hunter Biden’s crimes but into President Biden’s potential involvement in his family’s schemes.

It is incredible that the DOJ can so easily withhold information from the people’s representatives, particularly after a guilty plea has been entered. It is this same injustice that encourages Republicans to assert that America has a two-tier justice system. It has become clear to the Republicans that the DOJ will not investigate the Biden family’s corruption, influence peddling, and possibly bribery activities. The Oversight Committee Chair, James Comer, assures the public that Hunter Biden’s charges and sweetheart plea deal would not deter their investigations. They would not rest until the Biden family’s full involvement in the schemes is revealed.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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