Leftist Agenda Costs Hero Cop His Job: The War on Police Continues!

It seems like once again, justice is not being served thanks to the leftist agenda pushing anti-police rhetoric. This time, the victim is none other than Michael Shaw, a former Bladen County Sheriff’s Deputy who was unfairly targeted by the Brunswick County District Attorney’s Office for doing his job.

According to a recent tweet by the Law Enforcement Legal Defense, Michael Shaw was chasing after a dangerous hardened criminal named William Cane, who was caught dealing in cocaine, meth, and heroin. Not only was this villain committing a felony probation violation, but he was also in possession of ammunition, which is illegal for felons to have.

When Shaw tried to apprehend this criminal, Cane fled in his truck, leading a high-speed chase that ended in a dangerous crash near a creepy swamp. It was only thanks to Shaw’s quick thinking and bravery that this criminal was finally caught. However, instead of being hailed as a hero, Shaw was accused of wrongdoing and had to resign under the misguided pressure of the District Attorney’s Office.

To add insult to injury, Shaw tried to find employment in another sheriff’s office, but he was once again forced to resign after leftist activists protested against him. Now, this brave officer is out of a job and facing a costly battle just to clear his name.

It is a sad state of affairs when law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line to protect us are persecuted for simply doing their duty. This incident is just one more example of the liberal war on cops, and it is high time that we as patriots stand up and demand that justice be served for Officer Michael Shaw!

Written by Staff Reports

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