Judge Slams Biden Border Blunder, Kids’ Outcry Heard!

A U.S. District Court judge has delivered a major blow to the Biden Administration’s mishandling of the border crisis. The judge, Dolly Gee, ruled in favor of several human rights groups that filed a legal action against the Biden Administration. These groups exposed the horrifying truth that migrant children were being left to suffer in makeshift outdoor campsites along the U.S./Mexico border, with little to no care from Border Patrol.

Judge Gee’s ruling forces the Biden Administration to take immediate action to provide suitable shelter and amenities for these vulnerable migrant children. Finally, someone is holding the administration accountable for their failure to protect these innocent kids!

The judge’s order requires the Department of Homeland Security to quickly process all migrant children detained at outdoor campsites and rally points, and to stop using these inadequate facilities except for the time necessary to arrange transfer to proper detention centers. It’s about time someone stepped in to stop this madness and ensure these children are not left to suffer in deplorable conditions.

And get this – the Biden Administration is to blame for the sheer volume of migrant crossings and the lack of resources to handle the influx. It’s not rocket science! If you create a weak border policy, people are going to take advantage of it. But leave it to the Biden Administration to blame everyone else for the mess they’ve created.

The court ruling is a much-needed victory for these human rights groups, who have been fighting tirelessly for the basic rights of these children. It’s sad that a court had to intervene to force the government to do what basic human decency and the law require. These kids deserve better, and it’s about time someone made sure they get it!

The Biden Administration needs to be held accountable for its negligence and failure to provide even the most rudimentary needs of these migrant children. It’s shameful that it took a court order to make them do the right thing. Let’s hope they finally get their act together and start prioritizing the well-being of these innocent kids.

With the staggering increase in unaccompanied migrant children encountered at the southwest border since Biden took office, it’s clear that the administration’s border policies have been a complete disaster. The numbers don’t lie, and it’s time for the Biden Administration to own up to its failures and take real action to address the border crisis. The American people won’t stand for this level of incompetence and neglect any longer!

Written by Staff Reports

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