Kamala Caught Lying Again: Twists Florida’s Black History Education for Leftist Agenda

In a recent speech, Vice President Kamala Harris showed once again why she cannot be trusted with the truth. Claiming that Florida students will learn about the “benefits of slavery,” Harris attempted to paint conservatives as book-banning extremists while conveniently omitting the fact that these books often contain explicit and radical content. It’s a classic tactic of the left to push their revisionist agenda by distorting history.

But let’s set the record straight. The Florida State Board of Education’s new standards actually highlight that some slaves developed valuable skills that benefited them personally. This isn’t some fictional narrative; it’s a factual and well-documented aspect of history. From blacksmiths to shoemakers, fishing industry workers to tailors, and even teachers, African Americans throughout history have contributed to society in various ways.

Yet, Harris and her left-wing cohorts are twisting this benchmark clarification to stoke anger and division. They conveniently ignore the comprehensive and rigorous instruction on African American History that Florida aims to provide. It’s no surprise, though, as the left thrives on creating outrage and using it to push their own narrative.

It’s clear that Harris is attempting to gaslight us with her false claims. She insults us by insinuating that we are blind to the truth and easily manipulated. Well, I, for one, am not falling for her tactics. Florida’s education system should be applauded for teaching students about the various contributions made by African Americans throughout history, including those who overcame the hardships of slavery.

But this isn’t just about Harris and her lies. It’s about the left’s constant agenda of rewriting history to fit their narrative. They don’t want children to learn the full truth; they want them to feel guilt and shame about their country’s past. It’s a blatant attempt to sow division and undermine the values that have made America great.

Florida’s Board of Education should be commended for standing up to these leftist attacks. They have proudly defended the standards and have rightfully recognized the importance of teaching students about the diverse range of experiences and contributions of African Americans. It’s time for conservatives to push back against the left’s efforts to distort history and focus on providing our children with a comprehensive and accurate education.

So, while Harris may try to twist the truth and stir up anger, let’s remember that history is complex. And in our pursuit of an honest and thorough education, we must not allow the left to dictate the narrative. It’s time to reject their lies and embrace the rich tapestry of America’s past, flaws and all.

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Written by Staff Reports

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