Biden: Mumbler-in-Chief? Kirby Defends Incoherent Speech!

National Security Council spokesperson, John Kirby, just doesn’t seem to understand why Americans are so concerned about President Joe Biden’s constant mumbling. According to him, Biden’s speech is as clear as it has ever been. Well, if by clear, he means slurred and incoherent, then sure, it’s crystal clear!

During a segment on Fox News, Martha MacCallum played a clip where Biden was seen stumbling over his words and looking down in an awkward manner. It was a real head-scratcher trying to decipher what he was even trying to say. The President muttered something about bringing Israelis and Palestinians together, but it was anyone’s guess what his actual point was.

MacCallum, being the voice of reason, decided to ask John Kirby what on earth was going on with Biden during that moment. Surely, she thought, someone in the administration must have an explanation for this embarrassing display.

Much to her surprise, Kirby brushed off the concerns and claimed that Biden’s words were easy to understand. Easy for who, exactly? Certainly not for the millions of Americans scratching their heads and wondering if their Commander-in-Chief is all there.

MacCallum, refusing to let Kirby off the hook so easily, pressed him further. She asked if he honestly believed there was no problem with Biden’s ability to communicate. It was as if she was trying to pry the truth out of a stubborn oyster. But Kirby stood his ground, insisting that Biden was clear not only in that specific clip but also in all his interactions with Israeli leaders.

Well, if this is what passes for clarity in the Biden administration, we are in big trouble. The video of Biden stumbling and bumbling drew a lot of attention, with many rightfully questioning his cognitive health. Is this the best we can expect from our supposed leader?

Even outlets like Citizen Free Press have dubbed Biden the “Mumbler-in-Chief,” highlighting the persistent issue of his incoherent speech. And conservative commentator Greg Price took to Twitter, expressing his disbelief at the idea of enduring four more years of this mess.

It’s truly astounding that some people still believe Biden is bursting with energy and ready for a second presidential run. Just take one look at that video clip, and it becomes painfully clear that something is not right. We deserve a President who can communicate clearly and effectively, someone who doesn’t leave us confused and concerned about their mental acuity.

In the end, it’s evident that Kirby’s attempt to downplay Biden’s mumbling is nothing more than a feeble attempt to protect the image of an inept administration. Americans deserve better than this, and it’s high time we hold our leaders accountable for their actions, or in this case, their lack of coherent speech.


Written by Staff Reports

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