Kamala Hits Rock Bottom In VP Tenure, Will Biden Dump Her?

In a shocking revelation, the Biden administration seems to have hit rock bottom with Kamala Harris as vice president. It’s not like we didn’t see it coming, as her public displays of ignorance and immaturity were on full display during the early months of the Ukraine War. That’s why it’s not surprising that her office is a sinking ship and a reported toxic workplace environment.

Despite being tasked with controlling the border and increasing COVID vaccination rates, Harris has failed miserably. When it comes to inflation and this administration’s plan to get it under control – an issue slamming working families hard – Harris is definitely not the one to wheel out in front of the cameras.

Softball interviews from shows like the Today Show should be easy for a seasoned politician like Harris, yet she turned them into public relations nightmares. Her reluctance to help her boss out ahead of the 2024 election reportedly “irked” President Biden, who sees her as someone who takes nothing off his plate due to a “fear of messing up.”

It’s not surprising that Harris’s fall from grace within Biden’s inner circle has made him wonder if Harris is indeed the right person to beat Donald Trump, who is seeking the GOP nomination. Biden reportedly intends to seek a second term due to his concern over Harris’s ability to beat Trump, which makes one wonder – why did he pick Harris in the first place? The gentlewoman from California has much bigger plans, but the public knew in 2020 that they didn’t want her as their president.

Biden would do well to dump Harris from the 2024 ticket. After all, she’s one of the poster children of incompetence that mark this incapable White House administration. It’s time for Joe to clean house and find qualified people to run the country. Firing the first black woman VP may set the progressives aflame, but it’s for the best if America has any hope of a competent future. And Biden himself just keeping up with the job proves that he’s not the one for it either.

Written by Staff Reports

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