Kemp’s Gas Tax Axe Saves Georgia Millions, Bidenomics Beware!

In a bold move to fight against the disastrous effects of Bidenomics, Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia has announced an extension to the suspension of the state’s gas tax through the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. This means that hardworking Georgians can continue to enjoy keeping millions of their dollars in their pockets as they fill up at the pump with a little less pain.

The gas tax in the Peach State is no joke, standing at a whopping 31.2 cents per gallon on gas and an even more painful 35 cents per gallon on diesel fuel. But fear not, fellow conservatives, as Governor Kemp’s responsible budgeting has made it possible to provide this much-needed relief to Georgia families. It’s like a Thanksgiving feast for your wallet!

Not stopping there, Governor Kemp is calling for further action on the gas tax from the state legislature, showing true leadership and dedication to keeping the economic engine of Georgia running smoothly. As the legislature heads into a special session to pass new legislative maps, Kemp wants to ensure that this tax suspension remains a top priority. It’s like watching a conservative superhero fighting for the little guy!

The support for Governor Kemp’s actions doesn’t stop at his office. Republican state House Speaker Jon Burns is ready to roll up his sleeves and keep up the good work with the governor. He’s all about maintaining those conservative fiscal policies that have put Georgia on the map as the envy of the nation. Take that, liberal tax-and-spend agenda!

As if that wasn’t enough good news for one article, it turns out that Georgia is already boasting some of the lowest gas prices in the entire country. That’s right, the average price of gas in the Peach State is a sweet $2.883 per gallon, making it the second lowest in the nation. With Texas at the top of the list with an average of $2.860 per gallon, it’s clear that conservative leadership is the key to keeping those gas prices down. Thank you, Governor Kemp, for being a gas price warrior!

The relief at the pump is real, and Governor Kemp is not backing down from his mission to keep Georgia’s economy thriving and its hardworking citizens prospering. With a strong fiscal approach and a fierce dedication to conservative policies, it’s no wonder Georgia is leading the charge against the disastrous effects of Bidenomics. Keep filling those tanks, Georgians, and remember to thank your conservative leaders for keeping your wallets a little more padded this holiday season!

Written by Staff Reports

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