Kennedy Admits Brain Worm, Mercury Poisoning Amid 2024 Bid

An independent, liberal candidate for the White House, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., recently made a surprising admission about a medical issue he faced in 2010 that may not bode well for his presidential campaign. According to reports, Kennedy experienced memory loss and mental fogginess, which led him to consult a doctor. He was concerned that he might have a brain tumor, but to his surprise, doctors discovered the remains of a dead worm in his brain, which had eaten some of his brain matter before dying.

Kennedy also disclosed that he had been diagnosed with mercury poisoning from excessive fish consumption, which can cause memory loss and neurological problems. He admitted to cognitive issues, including short-term and longer-term memory loss. Kennedy’s campaign attributed the parasite in his brain to his travels abroad. Additionally, he mentioned having a neurological disorder affecting his vocal cords, causing a strained and halting speaking style.

These revelations may pose new challenges for Kennedy’s presidential bid, as he has already faced criticism for his views on vaccines and other issues. If Kennedy’s cognitive problems and the presence of a dead worm in his brain receive more attention, it could potentially intensify attacks against him.

The potential impact of Kennedy’s admission on his campaign’s prospects may become clearer in the coming months, and it may play a significant role in shaping public perceptions of the candidate.

Written by Staff Reports

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