Kirby Meddles with IDF Tactics on ABC, Pushes Biden’s Gaza Agenda

The National Security Council’s mouthpiece, John Kirby, has been yapping on ABC’s “This Week” about the Biden administration’s audacious demand for the Israeli Defense Forces to make “deconfliction changes” in Gaza. Geez, sounds like someone’s trying to stir the pot again!

So, this Kirby fella starts blabbering about how the IDF needs to change the way they’re doing things in Gaza, and pronto. He’s saying they need to improve the communication between aid workers and the IDF so they can avoid these targeting blunders in the future. Oh, and let’s not forget about the humanitarian aid and assistance. Kirby’s going on and on about that too.

But wait, there’s more! When asked about Chef Andres questioning the Israeli claim about the drone’s visibility, Kirby’s like, “Oh, I dunno, we haven’t seen the video evidence and all that jazz.” Real helpful there, Kirby.

Then, they start quibbling over the rules of engagement and the intelligence behind the strikes. Kirby’s all wishy-washy, saying they’re still working through the investigation. Typical government bureaucrat talk, if you ask me.

Kirby just keeps harping on about the deconfliction changes and the communication changes. It’s like he’s got a broken record or something. Come on, Kirby, give it a rest already! But hey, who’s surprised? That’s government for ya—never making much sense!

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