Phil Lyman Slams Gov. Cox as GOP Impostor, Leads Utah Poll

The recent rumblings in Utah have stirred up quite the political pot as State Rep. Phil Lyman boldly labeled Governor Spencer Cox as “Gavin Newsom 2.0,” implying that Cox is more aligned with the Democrats than his own Republican party. Lyman, who has his sights set on unseating Governor Cox, expressed his disbelief that Cox even has an “R” next to his name, suggesting that Cox’s recent actions and alliances have left the average Utahn scratching their heads in confusion.

According to Lyman, Cox’s toast to President Biden at the Gridiron Club dinner and his conduct during the state of the state address were reminiscent of California’s liberal governor, Gavin Newsom. Lyman emphatically asserted that Cox’s approach simply does not resonate with the good people of Utah. He went on to accuse Cox of being committed to carrying out President Biden’s agenda, particularly with regards to immigration. In fact, Lyman accused Cox of being on board with President Biden’s open borders policy and shared his concerns about Utah being declared a sanctuary state by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

But wait, there’s more! Lyman didn’t stop there. He also took aim at Cox’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, alleging that Cox’s aggressive lockdown policies were instrumental in securing him the governorship in the last election. Lyman was adamant that Cox’s handling of the pandemic played a significant role in silencing his opponents and ultimately clinching the victory.

It seems that Lyman’s strong stance against Governor Cox has struck a chord with some Utah Republicans, as a recent poll showed the determined State Rep. leading among Republican State Convention delegates. With a nine-point lead, Lyman appears to be gaining traction and garnering support from those who are also questioning Cox’s Republican credentials.

As the race for the Utah governorship heats up, it’s clear that the political landscape is anything but dull. With accusations flying and tensions rising, it’ll be interesting to see how this showdown unfolds. Tune in to Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM Patriot 125 to stay up to date on all the drama and excitement as it unfolds.

Written by Staff Reports

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