Kristi Noem RIPS Into Biden’s China Actions

Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota recently appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” to discuss the Chinese government’s attempts to buy up US farmland. Noem has taken a proactive stance against the Chinese, issuing an executive order that bans state contracts and telecommunications companies from affiliating with China. She is also working with legislators in South Dakota to pass a bill that would completely ban China from buying up US farmland.

According to Noem, the Chinese are making efforts to purchase farmland in close proximity to the future site of the B-21 stealth bombers. Such actions could pose a significant challenge for the US Air Force during times of conflict, as it would allow for Chinese surveillance and espionage operations within US territory. Noem further highlighted that this is just one instance in a broader trend of Chinese aggression, where they have already acquired several US fertilizer and chemical companies and processing systems, and are now looking to purchase American land.

Noem then addressed President Joe Biden directly, criticizing him for not taking action against the Chinese and accusing him of “acting like a dimwit” and lying to Americans about matters related to China. She also accused the Biden administration of shooting down a balloon over the water in order to keep its contents secret.

Governor Glenn Youngkin of Virginia also spoke out against Biden on Hannity, saying that China is using every ounce of capability it has to gain an advantage over the United States. He said that China is using surveillance, economic coercion, and military presence to intimidate the US, and called for a strong and swift response from the Biden administration.

Governor Noem’s and Governor Youngkin’s comments on Fox News’ “Hannity” demonstrate the growing concern among US leaders about Chinese aggression. The Chinese government has been buying up US assets for years, and now they are attempting to buy up US farmland near strategic military assets. Governor Noem has taken a proactive stance against this threat, issuing an executive order and working with legislators in South Dakota to pass a bill banning China from buying up US farmland. Governor Youngkin has also called for a strong and swift response from the Biden administration to combat Chinese aggression. It is uncertain if President Biden would accept their recommendations and take action against the Chinese leadership.

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