Library Win: Graphic “Gender Queer” Book Moved to Adults Section in NJ

Attention all book lovers and concerned parents! There’s been a victory for common sense at the Cedar Grove Public Library in New Jersey. In a stunning display of community backlash during so-called “Pride Month,” the library made the right decision to move a controversial and pornographic book titled “Gender Queer” to the adult shelves. Finally, a victory for decency!

This book, written by Maia Kobe, claims to be a guide on gender identity. But let’s call it what it really is: a dangerous indoctrination tool. According to its publisher’s website, Kobe even demands to be referred to using made-up pronouns. Can you believe it? The absurdity of it all is truly mind-boggling.

To make matters worse, “Gender Queer” contains explicit and graphic illustrations of sexual acts. Do we really want our children exposed to this kind of filth under the guise of education? I think not! This book has already been banned from numerous school libraries across the country, yet the National Education Association shamelessly recommended it as summer reading. What are they thinking?

Thankfully, concerned citizens called out the Cedar Grove Public Library for promoting this smut during a family-oriented event. Mayor Kerry Peterson rightly acknowledged the issue, pointing out that the book was accessible to young kids. It’s about time someone stood up for our children’s innocence! Why should they be subjected to explicit content in a public library?

Of course, self-proclaimed champions of free speech, like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), rushed to defend the book’s presence in the library. They claimed that removing it would be an act of censorship. But let’s set the record straight here – this is not an issue of censorship, it’s an issue of protecting our children. The ACLU’s support for exposing young minds to explicit material is an affront to decency and parental rights.

Even former President Barack Obama chimed in, insinuating that those who oppose books like “Gender Queer” are trying to limit access to diverse perspectives. Clearly, he’s missing the point. This isn’t about limiting viewpoints; it’s about protecting impressionable minds from harmful and explicit content. Let’s not forget that Obama himself has a history of advocating for controversial and extreme ideologies.

In a country where freedom of speech is celebrated, it’s crucial that we exercise sound judgment and protect our children from explicit and inappropriate material. The decision by the Cedar Grove Public Library to move “Gender Queer” to the adult shelves is a step in the right direction. It’s time we prioritize the well-being and innocence of our children over misguided attempts at promoting harmful ideologies. Kudos to the community for standing up against this blatant attempt to corrupt young minds!

Written by Staff Reports

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