LOL: Joe Biden Doesn’t Even Know Which Century He Lives In

During a campaign address that took place over the weekend in Portland, President Joe Biden seemed to misunderstand which century he had been in by making references to living in the year 1922.

Without making the necessary grammatical corrections, he stated, "Look, in 1922 the price for one blood pressure medicine that millions of Medicare patients — beneficiaries — depend on went up one — went up by 500 percent."

The White House copy of the address made the correction, noting that Biden should have said 2022, and it included the correction.

During a political event that took place on Saturday in Portland, Oregon, Biden addressed the topic of reducing the expense of prescription medications for older citizens.

Even though the president had named Sen. Ron Wyden at the opening of his speech, it appeared as though he had forgotten the senator's name. Wyden is the other Democrat representing Oregon in the United States Senate.

As the audience chuckled at his opening statement, he continued by saying, But between Merkley [Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-OR] the other man I just talked about — in the Senate.

Biden reiterated all of his sound bites, which centered on increasing the amount of money spent by the government to subsidize middle-class and working-class Americans.

He was strongly opposed to the concept of "trickle down" economics, in which government policy is centered on reducing taxes for corporations and the wealthy.

Biden has been quoted as saying, in reference to his economic ideology, I'm a bubble-up man. Seriously.

As he began his speech, the president again cracked a joke on his advanced years.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Breitbart.

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