LOL: Kamala Harris ‘Car Accident’ Exposed As Just A Curb Check

It would appear that the Washington Post has some sort of grudge against the United States Secret Service.

Over the course of many years, the liberal newspaper has been relentless in its criticism of the USSS, bringing to light some noteworthy occurrences while exaggerating the significance of others.

Consider the one that took place on Monday. The Vice President was involved in a car accident, and at first, the Secret Service attributed it to a mechanical malfunction. This was the blaring headline.

A motorcade transporting Vice President Harris to work was in a one-car collision on a restricted street in D.C. on Monday, Carol D. Leonnig reported. The event disturbed both the Secret Service director and the vice president and rekindled questions about the agency's history of hiding its mistakes.

Wow. A one-car accident.  That has a really negative ring to it. Let's hear more about it.

The Secret Service member driving Harris' SUV hit a tunnel curb hard enough to necessitate a new tire, Leonnig said.

What's that you say, a flat tire? Just out of curiosity, how serious was the vice president's accident?

Harris spokeswoman Kirsten Allen wrote the Post to say that the Vice President was unharmed and grateful for the prompt reaction by her USSS detail in getting her to the White House.

What has the Secret Service got to say about this?

According to a statement made by a spokesman for the Secret Service named Anthony Guglielmi to the press, during a protective movement on Monday, a vehicle in a motorcade had a small overcorrection and impacted a curb.  The protected individual was moved to a different car, and the procession proceeded to its destination.  There were no reports of anyone being hurt.

Then why do you keep referring to a mechanical failure? Initial radio traffic suggested this was a mechanical breakdown, Guglielmi said, stressing that Secret Service officers were told when Harris was taken to the White House.

A Secret Service official who was aware with the situation disputed the breathless Post story about it. The official stated in an interview with The Daily Wire, Well, to tell you the truth, I wouldn't describe this to be anything close to a 'crash.'  And neither would anyone else working in law enforcement," the speaker continued.

Tiger Woods had a bad fall. Has the driver collided with the curb? which almost certainly did result in a mechanical failure of some kind. The official acknowledged that hiccups are inevitable.

The tale was exaggerated in certain newspapers. According to the article that was published in The Daily Beast, Harris was involved in a "one-vehicle car crash." The Washington Examiner took it one step farther and published a headline that read, VEEP IMPACT: SUV carrying Harris crashes.  However, CNN got the tone of their report exactly correct when they said, … Harris was engaged in a minor vehicle accident…

The official of the Secret Service who spoke with The Daily Wire brought up another report authored by Leonnig that, according to the person, included inaccuracies.

The Obama administration is probing charges that two senior Secret Service officers, including a key member of the president's security detail, rammed a government car into White House protection barricades last week, an agency official said.

The incident occurred around 10:30 p.m. on the White House grounds near 15th Street NW and Freedom Plaza while D.C. police and Secret Service officials cleared the area of a suspicious item, according to the account.

Witnesses said the car's flashing lights were on and both agents showed their badges to enter through the gated area of the grounds.

Near the end of the article, the Post mentioned that the car ran over security tape before striking the barricades, which an agency official said had been erected up temporarily while the investigation of the package.

However, the official from the Secret Service provided a contradictory account. The agent claimed, He moved an orange barrel 2 feet with his car.

Hmm. a very different tale altogether.

There have been occasional slip-ups on the part of the Secret Service, but the one-car accident is not one of them.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Daily Wire.

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