Media Twists Trump’s Words: Pelosi’s Puppets Deceive Again!

In a shocking turn of events, it seems like the mainstream media has once again twisted the words of former President Trump to fit their own narrative. Like a broken record playing the same biased tune, outlets across the country ran with the false claim that Trump predicted a ‘bloodbath’ in the streets if he doesn’t win the upcoming election. It’s like they all have the same DNC-approved script to follow.

But fear not, dear readers, for RedState’s Nick Arama isn’t afraid to call out this blatant hoax-making in progress. The compliant media, including none other than Rep. Nancy Pelosi, are all too happy to play along with this deceitful narrative. It’s as if they have no conscience when it comes to spreading falsehoods about our beloved former president.

What they conveniently fail to mention is that Trump was actually referring to a potential ‘bloodbath’ in the auto industry if Biden’s aggressive push for electric vehicles goes unchecked. It’s crystal clear that the media deliberately omitted this crucial context to paint Trump in a negative light.

The New York Times, NBC News, The Guardian, ABC News, CBS News, Forbes, CNBC – the list goes on and on of these biased outlets pushing the same misleading headline. It’s no wonder that trust in the media is at an all-time low when they continuously prioritize sensationalism over truth.

Thankfully, there are still some rays of light in the darkness of media dishonesty. The New York Post got it right by accurately reporting on Trump’s warning about the auto industry. Shocking, right? It’s not that hard to tell the truth, but apparently, it’s a Herculean task for most journalists these days.

Let’s not forget Elon Musk, the Twitter owner, who saw through the media’s lies and called them out for their transparent and disgusting behavior. The disinformation crisis perpetuated by the mainstream media is a real threat to our democracy, as they manipulate voters with their deceitful headlines.

As we gear up for the upcoming presidential election, rest assured that the left-wing press will continue their smear campaign against Trump. But here at RedState, we’re committed to delivering the unfiltered truth to our readers. Through our VIP program, we strive to provide independent journalism that’s free from the shackles of Big Tech censorship.

So, dear patriots, join us in the fight for honesty and integrity in journalism. Let’s not allow the biased media to dictate the narrative any longer. Together, we can save America from the clutches of fake news and ensure that the voice of truth rings loud and clear in this crucial election season. Use code SAVEAMERICA for a big discount because supporting independent journalism has never been more important. Your country thanks you!

Written by Staff Reports

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