Supreme Court Shields Texas from Biden’s Border Blunders

The Supreme Court steps in to protect Texas from the chaos caused by illegal immigration – a victory for law and order! Justice Samuel Alito continues to block the reckless Texas law, SB 4, that would let local cops arrest illegal migrants. Good job, Justice Alito, for standing firm against Biden’s weak administration!

Governor Greg Abbott signed this crucial law to tackle the flood of illegal crossings, but the Biden DOJ is trying to stop Texas from defending its borders. What’s next, Biden – inviting all migrants to a welcome party at the border? Texas is right to stand up for itself when the feds fail to protect us.

The Fifth Circuit Court already paused a lower court’s ruling against SB 4. It’s like a legal ping-pong match, but with the Supreme Court as the referee. And kudos to Texas for calling out the dangerous consequences of illegal immigration – Governor Abbott is not playing games when it comes to protecting Texans.

The Biden administration is crying about disrupting relationships with Mexico, but what about protecting American citizens? It’s time to put America first, not cower to other countries. Texas is leading the charge against transnational threats, and the Supreme Court is right to have their back.

In conclusion, Texas is showing true leadership in defending its borders, and the Supreme Court is backing them up. It’s time for the Biden administration to stop playing politics and start prioritizing the safety and security of American citizens. Keep up the good fight, Texas – we’ve got your back!

Written by Staff Reports

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