Megyn Kelly Scorches MSNBC Elites Over Immigration Mockery

Folks, get ready to dive into a pool of liberal elitism and hypocrisy as Megyn Kelly, that conservative firecracker, takes aim at the oh-so-precious MSNBC hosts, Jen Psaki and Rachel Maddow. These two liberal darlings were caught red-handed mocking the good people of Virginia for daring to express concerns about illegal immigration during the state’s primary election.

Kelly didn’t hold back, slamming Psaki and Maddow for their sneering and scoffing at the idea that Virginia voters would care about illegal immigration. In their swanky little bubble, these MSNBC bigwigs couldn’t fathom why immigration was a top concern for the good folks of Virginia. Psaki even had the audacity to joke about Virginia having a border with West Virginia. Oh, how hilarious, right? Wrong! It’s just plain disrespectful and tone-deaf.

But hold onto your hats, folks, because the conservative firepower doesn’t stop there. Kelly rightfully pointed out the tragic and heart-wrenching stories of innocent lives lost at the hands of illegal immigrants. She referenced the harrowing case of a 14-year-old girl in Virginia who was sexually assaulted by an illegal immigrant from Venezuela. And let’s not forget Laken Riley, a young nursing student brutally killed by a Venezuelan immigrant who illegally crossed the border.

But do Psaki and Maddow care about these victims and their families? Nope, they’re too busy engaging in their snarky liberal banter to give a hoot about real, hardworking Americans who have suffered the consequences of lax immigration policies.

And just when you think the liberal snobbery couldn’t get any worse, along comes 2024 independent presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr., slamming the “Democratic Party elite” for ridiculing concerned voters. Even respected figures like Rep. Mike Collins and Gov. Jim Justice have joined the chorus of condemnation, with Rep. Collins introducing the Laken Riley Act in Congress to push for stricter laws against illegal immigration. The sheer nerve of these MSNBC hosts to scoff at the legitimate concerns of Virginia voters is enough to make your blood boil.

So, buckle up, patriots, because Megyn Kelly is leading the charge against these out-of-touch liberal elites. She’s unapologetically standing up for the hardworking Americans who have every right to voice their concerns about illegal immigration without being belittled and mocked by the smug talking heads at MSNBC. It’s time to put an end to this liberal condescension and show some respect for the real heartland of America!

Written by Staff Reports

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