Moderna Jab: 1 in 35 Risk Heart Damage, Peer-Reviewed Study Reveals!

A new study from the European Journal of Heart Failure has found that 1 in 35 people showed signs of heart damage after taking the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. This is a higher incidence than previously estimated and raises concerns about the safety of the vaccine.

According to the study, researchers discovered that the mRNA-1273 vaccine-associated myocardial injury was more common than previously thought. In fact, they found that about one out of every 35 persons, or 2.8%, experienced an elevation of markers of myocardial injury after receiving the Moderna vaccine. This is a much greater incidence than the estimated 0.0035% of hospitalized cases with myocarditis experienced after receiving the second vaccine dose.

This study is particularly concerning given the millions of Americans who have already received the Moderna vaccine. It seems that there have been unprecedented reports of heart damage associated with the vaccine, and this new research adds to those concerns.

The long-term implications of this study are still unknown, as little research has been done to track people over time with heart injuries after receiving mRNA vaccination. It’s important for regulators and healthcare professionals to take this information seriously and consider the potential risks before administering the Moderna vaccine to individuals.

This news is certainly alarming and raises questions about the safety of the Moderna vaccine. With a 1 in 35 risk of heart damage after three shots, it’s hard to justify the potential harm when many people only experience mild flu-like symptoms from COVID-19. It’s essential for regulators to carefully evaluate this study and take appropriate action to protect the public’s health. Negligence in this matter would be simply unacceptable. COVID-19 vaccines should provide protection without causing significant harm to individuals.

Written by Staff Reports

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