MSNBC Analyst Wishes Death on Justice Alito: Left’s Cruelty Exposed

A recent tweet from an MSNBC analyst has sparked controversy after displaying an insensitive joke about Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. Elie Mystal took to Twitter, proposing that Alito’s next trip should be to see the Titanic, insinuating that he dies on the trip. Mystal’s insensitive tweet came after 5 people recently died during a submersible visiting the wreckage of the Titanic.

This disgusting tweet from a left-leaning commentator is another example of the left’s limitless cruelty, especially towards anyone associated with the Republican Party. This is particularly true of their venomous attitude towards the man who could swing the court’s 5-4 conservative majority in favor of abortion. If a conservative commentator had applied such a scenario to a left-wing member of the court like Sonia Sotomayor, rabid liberals and their media lackeys would be calling for that person’s head.

It appears that in today’s liberal world, there are no repercussions for wishing death upon your political opponents. Nevertheless, Republicans will never stoop to such a low. The GOP will continue to take the higher ground, whereas the left will shamelessly cross the line in the name of their political agenda. It’s a reminder that the difference between the two parties could not be more apparent. It’s time for the liberals to learn basic respect.

Written by Staff Reports

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