MSNBC’s Childish Reaction to Trump’s Arrest Is Ridiculously Biased, Fox News Reports

Fox News recently reported on MSNBC’s coverage of Donald Trump’s arraignment, and the clip is nothing short of cringe-worthy. One host on the far-left news network Commented, “Donald Trump, former President of the United States, frontrunner for the Republican nomination for President of the United States, is now under arrest. We’ve never seen it before. It is a sobering moment.” MSNBC’s dramatic interpretation of the situation is incredibly sensationalized and borders on childish.

As usual, MSNBC shows their clear bias against Republicans and especially against Trump, who MSNBC seems to despise. They continue to report with their own lenses and subjective viewpoints, rather than reporting the facts objectively, like a reputable news outlet should.

It is concerning that so many Americans rely on MSNBC and other leftist outlets for their news, when the reality is these networks are only pushing their own political agenda. Instead of providing facts, which is what journalism should be about, left-winged news outlets are preoccupied with pushing their own biased opinion and politicizing everything for their own benefit.

If anything, when it comes to networks like MSNBC, they should be questioned more often about their tactics and what exactly they are seeking to do by using such sensationalist and biased language when reporting on the news. No one is asking these hard-hitting questions, but conservative news outlets like Fox News and others will always speak up against such blatant bias to ensure that Americans receive the truth in journalism.

Written by Staff Reports

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