Biden’s Mouthpiece Dodges Questions on Trump’s Arrest & Pushes Baseless Narrative Instead

In a White House press briefing that quickly turned tense Tuesday, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was faced with tough questions about former President Donald Trump’s recent unprecedented arrest. However, instead of offering a clear and concise answer, Jean-Pierre leaned into the liberal agenda by repeating the falsely debunked claim that police officers died as a result of the Capitol event, which was nothing more than a peaceful protest.

One reporter from the New York Times asked why President Joe Biden felt it necessary to comment on the January 6th events even though hundreds of cases from that day are ongoing, yet he now refuses to discuss Trump’s case. Jean-Pierre remained tight-lipped, refusing to speak on the matter, and instead choosing to divert the conversation back to the January 6th Capitol event.

It’s clear that Jean-Pierre and the Biden administration will do whatever it takes to push their partisan agenda, even if that means blatantly ignoring the facts about what happened on January 6th and trying to deflect attention from Trump’s arrest. This is exactly why it’s so important for conservatives to stay vigilant and continue fighting for the truth. We won’t allow the liberals to manipulate the narrative and control the conversation.

Written by Staff Reports

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