Musk Gives Twitter Workers A Last Chance

Elon Musk has informed the employees who are still employed by Twitter that they are obliged to work "hardcore" or else they would be sacked from their employment. If they fail to meet this requirement, they will lose their jobs.

Reports indicate that on Wednesday, Elon Musk issued an email to staff, asking them to make a promise that by Thursday, they would assist transform the way that they operate. This pledge was to be submitted electronically. Thursday was the last day to make the commitment before the deadline.

Musk also mentioned his aspirations to establish a "Twitter 2.0" and indicated that staff would need to work "extremely hardcore" for a lengthy period of time. This was in reference to Musk's statement that they would need to put in a lot of overtime.

If an employee does not sign the pledge by Thursday at the latest, they will be fired from their employment and handed a severance package equivalent to three months' worth of salary as compensation for their failure to comply with the request.

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