MSM: How DARE You Question Voting Irregularities

Project Mockingbird is in full gear now that the midterm elections are done as the liberal media insists that everyone settle down and stop talking about how long it is taking for the votes to be counted.

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When Democrats have won elections that were nearly guaranteed to go to the opposition party, how dare anyone question the process.

reports American Lookout. Counting votes during the previous two elections took days in certain states. Liberals in the media want you to think that this is how things have always been.

Numerous media figures have asserted that it is common for the process of tallying all the ballots to take some time.

The fact that they all appear to be operating off the same playbook raises even more suspicion.

It seems familiar, right. Here is some breaking news, media. There is a problem with this.


This is a relatively new phenomena that clearly favours Democrats.

Despite the media's portrayal of Arizona, Kari Lake is not going down without a fight.

based on The Guardian. According to the lefty news source, Democrat Katie Hobbs won the election in Arizona by defeating her far-right, Trump-backed rival, thereby QUOTE "preserving the state's voting rights."

As there are still countless numbers of ballots to be tabulated and other processes to be taken after the result is confirmed, Kari Lake is refusing to declare victory.

After the outcome on Monday, Lake tweeted, "Arizonians recognise BS when they see it," but she didn't specify whether or not she would concede defeat. According to the Associated Press, more than 95% of votes had been reported by Monday evening.

"Democracy is worth the wait," Hobbs tweeted in response to her victory.

The fact that liberal media outlets are currently employing the same stories and scripts to allay public concerns about the length of the vote-counting process raises some intriguing questions. However, they have been following that strategy for years. The ability for citizen journalists to actually get their message aired and present an alternate perspective on the stories being published has only arisen since the introduction of social media. Since there is still a long way to go in Arizona, Kari Lake should likewise stand by her principles and refuse to buy into this story.

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