Soros-Funded DA Gets IMPEACHED By PA Lawmakers

In Pennsylvania, the House of Representatives voted to impeach Larry Krasner, the Philadelphia district attorney who George Soros funded.

Krasner was first elected in 2017 and won reelection in 2021. His victory was partly due to a $1.7 million campaign contribution from the Justice and Public Safety Fund of George Soros. During his time as district attorney, he has been able to reform Philadelphia's bail laws and reduce the number of convictions.

The House of Representatives voted to impeach Krasner after passing seven articles of impeachment. His trial will now take place in the Senate.

Despite the Senate's majority being controlled by Republicans, the House of Representatives was required to have six more Democrats to reach the two-thirds majority needed to convict Krasner. According to CBS News, the House's decision to impeach Krasner came after a rise in crime in Philadelphia.

A report released by a House committee on October 24 revealed that during the 21 1/2 months that Krasner was the district attorney, there were over 1,000 homicides in Philadelphia, which is significantly higher than the previous two-year period. It also noted that about 20% of gun crimes were dropped by Krasner's office, which is significantly higher than the statewide rate of around 8 to 10%.

Krasner was criticized by House Member Martina White, who is from Philadelphia. She said that he failed to carry out his duties as the district attorney.

As the top law enforcement official in Philadelphia, Krasner is supposed to represent the interests of the city in criminal cases. His actions and inactions are not acceptable. No public official is above the law.

A Senate official stated that the Senate shares the concerns of House leaders about the rising crime in Philadelphia and the state as a whole.

Despite the concerns about Krasner's actions, Pennsylvania Democrats maintained that he did not commit an impeachable offense. His conviction would also overturn the will of the voters.

Krasner released a statement after the House of Representatives voted to impeach him, claiming that they did so without providing any evidence supporting their concerns about the rising crime rate.

In his statement, Krasner accused the House of disregarding the will of the voters and said that the actions of the House would be regarded as an authoritarian effort to remove the votes of African-Americans and brown residents in Philadelphia.

The actions taken by the House against Krasner are the latest example of how the public has rejected the work of prosecutors who are funded by the George Soros Foundation. In June, voters in San Francisco recalled a prosecutor who was funded by the philanthropist, while in Los Angeles, a recall effort for District Attorney George Gascon narrowly failed.

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